Posted October 21, 2019

At Granite Park, we partner with the University of Utah Reading Clinic to deliver one-on-one tutoring to a number of students each day through the implementation of a structured curriculum. In order to serve more students, we are looking to recruit volunteers who can come on a consistent basis. Essentially, those interested in participating would be trained through our Reading Clinic Coordinator and would then be asked to volunteer twice a week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) working with the same students each day to help improve literacy. The clinic happens as a part of afterschool programming, so the time frame would be 3:00-4:30 each day (volunteers could stay later and help until the end of program at 5:30) and will run until the middle of May. Contact Joseph at 801-440-4499 or jgenda@sslc.com for more information


Promise South Salt Lake
220 E Morris Avenue South Salt Lake, Ut 84115

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Category: Youth
County: Salt Lake Valley

The afterschool program at Granite Park Junior High seeks to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where teens can improve their grades and participate in new activities. Granite Park has a student population of just under 600 students (roughly 90% qualify for free and/or reduced lunch) representing 65 countries and 41 spoken languages. Students in this program partake in one hour of homework help, one hour of an enrichment activity, and are offered free dinner each day. As part of this program, some students take part in our reading clinic where they work one on one with a volunteer tutor two times a week to improve literacy.
Volunteers with the reading clinic at Granite Park will be working one on one with students two days a week to help them improve literacy through the implementation of a tested curriculum. They will receive on site training as to how this curriculum works. Volunteers will work with our Reading Clinic Coordinator to help plan lessons, ensure students are making progress, build positive relationships with students, and provide positive feedback to students to ensure they develop a love of reading. Most of the students in this program are reading 3-5 grades below their desired level, and this program has proven very influential in helping them achieve growth.