18 years and older

Posted July 9, 2020

We are a group of volunteers from the Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley areas who pick up and deliver groceries for families and individuals who are unable to shop themselves. We especially seek to help those at risk from or affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to serving those who are able to purchase their groceries, we partner with local food pantries to deliver food boxes to those in need, and also purchase groceries for those we serve when funds are available. What you will do: After signing up on our website and getting trained, you watch/listen for a delivery-request notification on our Slack channel, claim a request that matches your location and schedule, receive details from the service coordinator, pick up and deliver the groceries to the recipient. Additional Information: Volunteers must be 18+ years old, healthy, sanitation conscious, and able to make deliveries in your own vehicle. http://www.utahcrisisfoodresponse.com


National Ability Center
1000 Ability Way Park City, Utah 84060


Category: Disability
County: Wasatch/Summit Counties

NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING VOLUNTEERS BUT HOPE TO LATER THIS FALL AND WINTER. For updates, please visit our website: https://discovernac.org/ways-to-give/volunteer/
The National Ability Center is always seeking qualified volunteers to help with its program and administrative needs. The center holds volunteer trainings on a regular basis as well. To protect the safety of participants, background checks are required for all volunteers ages 18+. Volunteers may assist participants in doing recreational activities. Some of the programs offered are skiing and snowboarding, aquatics, horseback riding, archery, cycling, and paddle sports.
At the National Ability Center I taught swim and ski lessons to children and people with cognitive disabilities. Most of the volunteer work I did was very hands on. I would have to hold some of the children in the water to support them while swimming and I would also help them perform certain strokes. I value the relationships I formed with the students I taught. The students taught me a lot about certain disabilities and how easy it is to make friends and be nice to others. - Tess Holbrook, Park City, Utah